Dominican Mustangs

The Dominican Republic received its first Mustangs in 1948 : a mix of P-51B, C and D models, and - according to some sources - even P-51A Mustangs ! The Cuerpo de Aviacion Militar reinforced its Mustang fleet in 1952 by buying another 44 F-51Ds from Sweden. In total, the Dominican Republic used 67 Mustangs, equipping one of its fighter escuadrones with them. Twenty-seven Mustangs were modernized by Cavalier Aircraft Corporation and used during the 1965 civil war. Another 15 machines were transformed via the US "Peace Hawk" program. When the De Havilland Vampires from the other fighter squadron were retired - and not replaced by Hawker Hunters as planned - the Mustangs remained the sole Dominican frontline fighters. The last models flew until 1984, making them the last operational P-51 Mustangs ever.


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