Gaëtan Marie - The Naval Mustangs
A brief history of the Navy's Mustang programs: the ETF-51D "Seahorse" and the NAA-133. (April 1, 2008).
Eric Hammel - The Big B
An excerpt from Eric Hammel's book Aces against Germany : the American Aces Speak relating Tom Hayes' wartime experience flying the P-51 with the 357th Fighter Group. (August 24, 2009).
Eric Hammel - Save the Bombers
An excerpt from Eric Hammel's book Aces at War relating a bomber escort mission flown by Frank Gerard of the 339th Fighter Group in September 1944. (August 24, 2009).
K51d - "Mechanics": Keeping the Mustang combat-ready
A day in the life of the men who serviced the Mustang in WW2.
Gaëtan Marie - Urban Legends of the Mustang
An amusing article about some of the "urban legends" surrounding the P-51 Mustang.
Joe Baugher - North American P-51 Mustang
An excellent short history written by Joe Baugher, included in his excellent website concerning American combat aircraft, which is definitely to be visited.
Ronnie Harker, the man who put the Merlin in the Mustang
Two obituaries of Ronnie Harker, the British test pilot who was involved in outfitting the P-51 Mustang with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines.
  Peter Garrison : Who made the Mustang?
An interesting article from the 1996 Aug./Sep. issue of the Air & Space magazine, by Peter Garrison, concerning the parentage of the P-51. Note: this article has been removed but can be viewed in the Air & Space magazine archives section.

Foreign Service series

A series of articles about the P-51 Mustang in foreign service. The P-51 served in nearly 30 different countries until the 1980s. Any contribution to the subject (photos, documents...) would be greatly appreciated.



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