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  • October 13: Site layout modified, Shop created


  • October 31st: Several Guatemalan P-51 pictures added.
  • September 3rd: Improved Captured Japanese P-51 article.
  • February 2nd: Captured Japanese P-51 article.
  • January 25th: New profile and pictures added to Philippines article.
  • January 11th: IDFAF 3506 profile added in Israeli Mustangs.
  • January 10th: Twilight Tear profile added.


  • November 10th: J26001 profile added to Swedish article.
  • October 29th: By Request profile added.
  • October 25th: Updated Naval Mustang article.
  • January 27th: Little Eva III profile added, created Infoquest page.
  • January 25th: Peanuts profile added.


  • November 19th: NZ 2429 profile added.
  • November 9th: NZ 2417 profile added. Naval Mustang: minor addition.
  • October 20th: "Muddy" profile added.
  • July 20th: "Passion Wagon" and "MM4323" profiles added.
  • July 7th: "Frenesi" profile added.
  • June 9th: "Cripes A'Mighty 3rd" profile added.
  • June 7th: "Leo" profile added.
  • June 6th: "Sky Bouncer", "Petie 2nd" profiles added.
  • May 7th: RNZAF list added.
  • May 6th: "Ridge Runner" profile added.
  • May 5th: "FAR-401", "Old Crow" profiles added.
  • May 3rd: "Old Crow" profile added.
  • April 1st: Naval Mustangs article added.
  • March 14.03: "Tika IV" profile added.
  • March 8th: Cuban Mustang article improved, "E2*S" profile added.
  • March 2nd: "Detroit Miss" profile added.
  • March 1st: Minor corrections, links added.
  • February 28th: F-6D 'Annecy' added to the profiles section.
  • February 27th: P-51D Template ready and added to the profiles section.
  • February 4th: Swedish Mustang Photo Gallery added.
  • January 26th: German Mustang Photo Gallery added.
  • January 25th: Photo page modified and put online.
  • January 23rd: New site layout & migration.

March 13, 2006 :

  • German Mustangs article by k51d added.
  • Several profiles by GM added.
  • Synopsis added for all Mustang users.
  • Minor corrections.

September 20, 2005:

  • Cuban Mustangs article by k51d added.
  • Legends article by GM added.
  • Production document added.
  • New book reviews (P-51 Mustang by Breffort and Jouineau, P-51 Mustang in action by Davis and Greer).
  • Various minor corrections.

September 9, 2005:

  • Serials document updated and corrected.
  • Profiles page created.

August 29, 2005:

  • Merlin article corrected.
  • Russian Mustangs? Infoquest added.

August 19, 2005:

  • Updating journal added
  • Filipino Mustang articles: photos added
  • Questions sections added to Infoquest

August 2005:

  • New website layout
  • New article: "Mechanics": keeping the Mustang combat-ready
  • New article: French Mustangs (Foreign-service series)
  • New article: Filipino Mustangs (Foreign-service series)
  • New article: Swedish Mustangs (Foreign-service series)
  • New article: Israeli Mustangs (Foreign-service series)
  • New infoquest: The Ramjet Mustang!
  • New infoquest: The Mustang's weaknesses
  • Updated infoquest: Naval Mustang
  • New document: French Mustang list
  • Banners created
  • New photo selection


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