South African Mustangs

In September 1944, No 5 Squadron of the South African Air Force (SAAF) replaced its P-40 with P-51B/C and later P-51D/K before being disbanded in Ovtober 1945. Because of the Commonwealth, the SAAF was primarily equipped with Spitfires, it nonetheless participated in th Korean War starting in November 1950 with No 2 "Cheetah" Squadron, equipped with 95 F-51D lent by the US. This unit was attached to the 18th FBW of the USAF. South African pilots payed a heavy tribute in Korea, with 12 pilots killed, another 30 missing in action or prisonners of war, and 74 aircraft lost. Before the end of the Korean War, in December 1952, the "Cheetahs" traded its F-51D Mustangs for F-86F Sabres.


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