P-51 Mustang

This book is a mix of the best and the worst. Several big historical mistakes can be found in it, and I found that it was too production-oriented. For example, all that is said about the A-36's combat record is that "several units flew the type and didn't complain about it". Rikyu Watanabe, the illustrator, happens to be a WW2 japanese pilot, but his opinion of the Mustang does not appear anywhere in the book, which is somewhat regrettable. Photos are also of medium quality, and are cropped in an ungainly fashion.

On the other hand, the drawings of Watanabe are remarkably good and profuse, and the book has some sections of excellent quality, with full detail and accuracy.

On the overall, I'd say this is a good book to have or read. You just want to be careful about some of its contents.

Editions Atlas, in French.



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