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Here is a list of questions looking for an answer, or requests for help/documentation. If you wish to add a question to this page, please contact me and I will add it.

506th Fighter Group's Black Friday

On 1 June 1945, 506th Fighter Group went on a very long range escort mission over Japan. Enroute, they encountered a huge weather front but the decision to go through it was taken. This lead to the loss of 27 Mustang and 24 pilots - the heaviest losses ever encountered by a Mustang fighter group.

I would like to write a short article about this tragic event I am looking for pictures, testimonials, articles, anything that could help create the article. If you have anything you think might prove useful and are willing to share it, please contact me.

165-gallon drop tanks

In the Pacific, Mustangs used very-long range 165-gal tanks which were, I believe, built for the P-38 Lighting. I am looking for pictures or plans, or any information concerning these.




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