Guatemalan Mustangs Photo Gallery

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Many thanks to Gabriel Contreras for sharing these excellent pictures!

  This aircraft was the lead aircraft of a Guatemalan aerobatic team. According to Martin Kyburz's excellent website Swiss Mustangs, this photo was taken in the 1960s. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  #300 on the flightline. At least one other Mustang is visible in the background. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  Mustang #315, loaded with drop tanks and rockets. Notice the Si vis pacem para bellum inscription (He who wants peace must prepare for war) beneath the canopy and FAG badge. Also of interest is the blister found to the right of the "5". If anybody knows what that might be, please share! (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  The same aircraft, #315, undergoing an engine change. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  Another picture of #315 during its maintenance. Visible on the side of the aircraft is an insignia, reportedly showing a Bacab, the four Mayan gods of the Cardinal Points. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  #315 again. Notice the fixed tailwheel. The tailwheel was a problem with many aging Mustangs. It was simpler to fix it in "down" position than to solve the problem, so many FAG Mustangs were modified in this fashion. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  A shark-mouthed P-51 Mustang on the ramp, next to what appears to be a P-80 or T-33. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  A nice photograph of FAG Mustangs lined up. The first aircraft has a corkscrew spinner. The last in the line are 315 and 388 (386?) and do not carry sharkmouths. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  #336 having its guns reloaded. Notice the red (probably) flash running beneath the canopy and the lower part of the Olive Drab antiglare panel. There is also a black marking on the lower rear fuselage. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  A P-51 Mustang from the Guatemalan aerobatic team, called "Los Cofres" or "Machitos". (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)
  A coloured photograph of the Guatemalan aerobatic team during take-off. (Photo FAG via Gabriel Contreras)




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