German Mustangs Photo Gallery

All of the photographs presented here are believed to be in the public domain. If you have reason to believe one or more of them are not, please notify us and we will remove them promptly.


  T9+CK, a P-51B which was restored to airworthy status by the Germans and evaluated at Rechlin.
  T9+CKin front of a German hangar. The Olive Drab and Yellow paint scheme is evident in this shot.
  A P-51B, probably T9+CK, being examined by some and used as a sunshade by others.
  Captured P-51B T9+CK at an unknown German airbase.
  T9+HK, a capture P-51B, being examined. A captured P-47 Thunderbolt is also visible in the background.
  This P-51D of the 352nd FG was found by the US 102nd Division in Erding in March 1945. It had been loaded on a train, presumably for later examination and recuperation of spare parts.



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