Early Mustangs Photo Gallery

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  Lt. Col. Charles "Mac" McMillin sitting in an A-36A in India, 1945. He had finished his 100 missions and was an instructor in a replacement training unit (RTU) while awaiting orders home. (Photo: Col. McMillin collection via Robert Bourlier)(Souce: Wikipedia)
  An A-36 Apache and a P-51B/C parked side-to-side at NAA Inglewood, illustrating the differences between the two models.
  The NA-73X prototype in flight.
  The NA-73X prototype in flight.
  Mustang IA fighter planes being prepared for test flight at the field of NAA plant in Inglewood, California in October 1942.
  North American P-51 Mustang Mk. IA in a test flight from NAA's Inglewood, California facility. (Photo: Alfred T. Palmer, published October 1942) (Source: Wikipedia)
  North American A-36 #42-83671. (Photo: USAF)(Source: Wikipedia)
  An A-36 Invader dive-bomber on what looks like a staged propaganda shot. Notice the extreme exhaust staining. This picture was taken at a training unit in Louisiana.
  Betty Jean was a Mustang Mk IA originally purchased by the RAF but retained by the USAAF. She is seen here in April 1944 on the Anzio beachead. Notice the remnant of flag on rudder. The serial is repeated in small black numbers on the tail as the original number was hidden by the bars added to the fuselage roundel.



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