Late Mustangs Photo Gallery


  Lt Louis Fecher's P-51B "Lil' Kitten" of the 357 FG, 362 FS.
  Capt. Harvey Mace in front of his P-51B 43-6923 "Sweet Helen", 357 FG, 362 FS. (Photo: Harvey Mace) (Source: Little Friends )
  Crew Chief T/Sgt. Stan Bronowski and Lt. Joseph Black in front of Black's P-51D-20-NA 44-63880 "Mary's Li'l Lamb".
  Lt Jessie R. Frey's P-51D-15-NA "Ain't Misbehavin'". This was photographed late into the war as evidenced by the field-fitted tail warning radar on fin and formation lights on fuselage. (Photo: Jessie Frey) (Source: Little Friends )
  Lt. James A Gasser's P-51K 44-11697 "Muddy" of the 357 FG, 362 FS. (Photo: C Lievens)
  Captain Harvey Mace's P-51D-5-NA "Sweet Helen II" , 357 FG, 362 FS. (Photo: Harvey Mace) (Source: Little Friends )
  "Frisco Kid", a P-51K of the 357 FG, 363 FS, flown by Lt. John C. Casey. (Source: Little Friends )
  "Sexy Sally II", dropping napalm bombs over North Korea on January 1,1951.
  A beautiful study P-51D-5-NA in flight.
  A formation of New Mexico ANG F-51D Mustangs



  P-51D 44-73108 "Red Dog XII" of the 4th FG, Debden 1945.
  A P-51D-25-NA of the West Virgina ANG. Note the uncuffed propeller unit. The "0-" in front of the serial denotes an aircraft older than 10 years, indicating this pictures was taken in the 1950's.(Photo: USAF) (Source: Wikipedia)
  "Tika IV", a P-51D-5-NA flown by Lt Vernon Richards, 374 FG, 361 FG. (Photo: USAAF) (Source: Wikipedia)
  The Bottisham Four", a famous photo from the 375th Fighter Squadron showing four P-51 Mustangs in flight. (Photo: USAAF) (Source: Wikipedia)
  P-51B-15-NA #42-106950 of the 354th FS, 355th FG, fitted with a Malcom hood. (More info provided by a visitor: A/C called "The Iowa Beaut". Photo shows 10 victory markings, though it's believed the pilot was not an ace. Flown by Lt. Robert E. Hulderman but also associated with Lt. Lee Mendenhall. Aircraft believed lost on 11 Sept 44 - Capt Kevin G Rafferty KIA shot down by flak near Marburg, Germany. Ace Frederick Haviland also flew it sometimes and scored several of his nine aerial and six ground victories in it.)
  A P-51D of the 332nd FG were called the "Red-tailed Angels" by bomber crews as the unit had a superb escort record. Unlike most other pilots, the Tuskegee airmen would not leave their bombers unprotected to chase enemy fighters. This is a rare colour photograph of a Tuskegee Mustang.
  Crew Chief S/Sgt. Gertzen working on the Merlin engine of Capt. Robert E. “The Kid” Woody's P-51B-5-NA 43-6520 "Woody's Maytag" coded WR*W, 354th FS, 355th FG. Note the 12 victory marks and the Spitfire rearview mirror on top of the canopy. (Photo: Bill Marshall)
  Lt. Julian H Bertram's P-51D 44-14798 "Butch Baby" of the 357th FG, 362 FS. (Photo: C. Lievens)
  A group of four P-51D/K Mustangs from the 374th FS, 361st FG in formation over Europe on an escort mission.
  P-51D-5-NA s/n 44-13258 was one of the first of its batch. The added fin fillet and sraining of the aircraft seem to indicate it was retained as a test aircraft by NAA.


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