Miscellaneous Photo Gallery

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  Don Gentile posing in front of a P-51D "Shangri-La". Gentile flew the P-51B only durting his tour of operations but crashed it when showing off at low level in front of reporters. This aircraft, a P-51D, was assigned to him upon his return to the US for PR purposes.
  Another staged shot showing armourers ready to reload the P-51's guns with .50 ammo. (Photo: USAF) (Source: Wikipedia)
  Another view of the Downey production line. The Mustang was designed in a modular fashion, with 3 fuselage sections and 2 wing sections. Each section was built separately before the entire aircraft was assembled.
  The P-51D assembly line at Downey some time in 1944. The P-51 was one of the first fighters designed to be easily mass-produced.



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