Hubert Davis' "Twilight Tear "

P-51D-20-NA #44-63864 is probably the Mustang with the most significant history. It was delivered to the 78th FG in December 1944 and assigned to Lt Hubert Davis of the 83rd FS. He named it "Twilight Tear" after a racehorse. He was credited with three aerial victories (including two Me 262 jets) and one damaged while flying this aircraft, over a total of 35 missions.

After the war ended, she was put into storage until 1949 when she was transferred to Sweden, where she became J26 number Fv26158 and flew with Wing F16 at Uppsala.

In 1953, she was sold to Israel and became IDFAF 3506(38). Her whereabouts in Israel are not known, but she was eventually sold by the IDF/AF and transferred to the civilian market as 4X-AIM. From there on, she assumed her previous identities: in 1986, she was sold to Sweden and given Swedish AF markings. In 2002, she was acquired by The Fighter Collection in Duxford, where the 78th FG had been stationned during the war.


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