Abe Rosenberger's "E2*S"

This unnamed P-51D-5-NA #44-13926 was flown by Lt. Abe P. Rosenberger of the 361st FG, 375th FS in 1944. He was one of four Mustangs pilots of the group involved in publicity shots who became known as the "Bottisham Four". Despite being an early mark P-51D, E2*S was fitted with the fin fillet extension of later Mustangs. It also has some typical 361st FG features: the exhaust shroud was kept (it was often removed by other units) and the forward vent panel was replaced by a solid sheet of metal. This aircraft was reportedly used by Urban Drew as well. This aircraft was lost on August 9, 1944 when flown by Lt. Donald D. Dellinger, who is reported 'KITA' in several sources. I don't know whether that mean 'Killed in Training Accident' or 'Taxi/Take-Off Accident' . The second possibility would seem the most probable. Anyone who knows about this KITA abbreviation is invited to share the answer!

Some photos of the Bottisham Four are the source of a widespread legend: that some P-51 Mustangs had uppersurface Insignia Blue camouflage. This was due to badly developed photos, which showed the Olive Drab as blue. All pilots and mechanics of the 361st FG are unanimous in saying they never saw such an aircraft, but the legend persists and has also been spread by historians, including some famous figures such as Roger Freeman.

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