Tom Hayes's "Frenesi"

This is P-51D-5-NA #44-13318 "Frenesi" flown by Lt. Col. Thomas L. Hayes, Jr. Hayes got his pilot's wings in February 1941 and flew P-40s with the 17th Pursuit Squadron. He was shot down and wounded in February 1942. After recovering from his wounds, he was assigned to the 35th Fighter Group, flying P-39s and P-400s. While in this unit, he was credited with two Japanese aircraft destroyed on the ground. He later joined the 357th Fighter Group and took command of the 364th Fighter Squadron in May 1943. He was also appointed Deputy Commander of the 357th Fighter Group in March 1944. By the time he returned to the US in August 1944, he was credited with 8.5 aerial victories and 2 ground victories.

Frenesi was named after "Frenesi", a popular tune by Alberto Dominguez and turned into a hit by Artie Shaw in 1940. It was one the very first D-model Mustangs received by the 357th Fighter Group, and probably the only one operational on D-Day. The markings include 84 bomb marks, each indicating a completed mission rather than a bomb strike. There are two Japanese kill marks and nine German ones. The aircraft is painted Olive Drab over Medium Gray and has an unusual unpainted area containing aircraft information forward of the cockpit.

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