Sully Varnell's "Little Eva III"

Capt. James Sullin "Sully" Varnell, Jr. was the MTO's third-ranking ace with 17 victories and ranked as number 10 among Mustang aces. This little-known ace scored all of his 17 victories within 67 days, making him one of the fastest-scoring aces ever. Gifted with exceptional eyesight, Sully Varnell was a laid-back person who became an extremely aggresive and competent pilot as soon as he climbed into a cockpit. Several of his victories came in doubles or triples, and he was known to attack relentlessly, following his prey into dangerous situations and even attacking when he had no ammunition left. All of his victories were scored against fighters, with the exception of his final victory - a Ju 52 transport that he shot down on August 4, 1945.

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By the end of his tour with the 2nd Fighter Squadron, 52nd Fighter Group, Varnell had become a Captain and been awarded the Silver Star twice. He was sent back to the US as an instructor. He died on April 9, 1945, when his fighter crashed near Pinellas, Florida.

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