Roberson and Weaver's "Passion Wagon"

This is P-51D-5-NA #44-13691, which was nicknamed "Passion Wagon" and was initially flown by Major Arval J. Roberson of the 362nd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group. Roberson had already flown a P-51B carrying the same name. The nude pin-up was painted by mechanic Bob Child. The aircraft uppersurfaces were painted in British Dark Green paint, instead of the usual American Olive Drab. Roberson finished his tour of duty with a total tally of 6 aerial victories and his aircraft was then reassigned to Captain Charles E. "Chuck" Weaver. The livery was not modified but a fin fillet extension was added. Weaver ended the war with 8 credited aerial victories, including one over a German jet.

A visitor, Mr. Reed, sent me information about his friend, the artist who painted the nude and was named Bob Child (and not John Childs as previously stated). Child told him that "this was the first gal that I painted. Under the stacks were the words Passion Wagon." He died a few months ago.

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