Print Information

All of our prints are highly accurate and detailed artistic renderings of real airplanes. Each profile is the result of extensive research and great attention to detail, both technical and historical.

Nowhere else will you find such high-quality P-51 Mustang prints at such great prices. Don't take our word for it: compare our prints with what is available from various internet vendors, including eBay, and see for yourself!

Paper and Inks

All prints are printed on high quality Tecco™ Digital Photo PM230™ heavy-grade matt photo paper, or otherwise when indicated. Photo paper may change at any time without prior advice.

The inks used are original Epson™ Claria™ hi-definition inks which provide true-to-life colours and resistance to water, humidity, scratches and fading. According to manufacturer data, photos printed using Epson™ Claria™ inks will last over 200 years in a photo album or 98 years on display.


All prints are carefully packed and shipped in special carboard protective envelopes or reinforced tubes to make sure you receive them in perfect condition. If for some reason the print you receive is damaged, please contact us immediately and we will arrange for a new one to be sent.

Handling and Preserving your Print

We advise you to have your print protected or framed to preserve it properly. Trying to roll the print can result in damaging the paper in an irreversible manner and should be avoided. If you need to store or transport the print, we recommend that you store it flat.

Framing your print will make it less vulnerable to staining, humidity or other forms of damage and ensure you keep enjoying it for a long time. Although the material used in creating the prints are designed to minimize fading, we recommend you avoid exposing your print to direct sunlight.

Print sizes and prices

Here are the equivalences for print sizes and prices:

Print Format Size in cm Size in inches
A3 - Large 42 x 29.7 cm 16.53" x 11.69"
A4 - Medium 29.7 x 21 cm 11.69" x 8.26"
A5 - Small 21 x 14.8 cm 8.26" x 5.82"


Print Format Price in EUR Price in USD*
A3 - Large 15.00 € $ 20.55
A4 - Medium 8.00 € $ 10.96
A5 - Small 5.00 € $ 6.85
Shipping 7.00 € $ 9.59

* Based on the current USD/EUR exchange rate (as of October 13, 2011: 1 € = $ 1.3705). The actual amount may vary. Click here to obtain the latest USD/EUR exchange rate.

Commissioning a Print

If you would like to commission a P-51 Mustang print, please contact us with all relevant details. We will provide you with a quote, based on how much work will be required to create your custom-made print. Typically, the extra cost for a custom-made is in the $ 30-60 range.



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